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Essential Guide to Dance Recitals!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Hello parents! Dance recitals happen annually and it is an event where everyone looks forward to. Many might be joining a recital for the first time, and this guide would be perfect for you! And if you have joined us in one before, this would be a good refresher for you :)

1. Practice and Practice!

a. Rehearsing the dance steps is extremely important, as we want them to perform their best on the actual recital day.

b. Sound tracks and dance videos are usually sent after class, so get your children to practice as much as they can beforehand!

c. Other than getting the kids to practice, parents also have to practice doing hair and makeup on their lovely children!

2. What to bring?

a. Costumes, be sure of how many items your kid is performing in and whether or not they have to change costumes.

b. Makeup, depends on the look the instructor is going for. The usual would be having a foundation, an eyeshadow palette (neutral, colourful), an eyebrow pencil, a blush and a bright lipstick.

c. Hair supplies. Hair gel, hair spray, hair net (the super thin kind), pins (bobby and U pins), sharp comb (allows for easy separation of hair).

d. Dance shoes! May sound hilarious but yes, we have instances whereby our kids forgot their shoes!

3. Plan ahead!

a. Ensure that you have ample time to do up the makeup and hair for them, and still be able to reach the location early!

b. Make sure that you know the actual location and how to get there. You do not want to be late, end up frightening yourselves and your children.

c. Bring foods that are rich in energy such as bananas, nuts and energy bars, so that your kids would be able to sustain their energy throughout the day!

d. Avoid fried food, spicy food or foods that are totally new to them, as they might get stomach aches, affecting their performance on the day of recital.

All in all, we can only help our kids this much till the start of their performance. Then, we’ll leave them to perform to their fullest on stage after preparing for months! Lastly, let us sit back and enjoy their performance! Also, don’t forget to take as many pictures as you want to commemorate that moment!

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