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3 Tips to crush your first Yoga Class!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

  1. Don't be afraid to choose a beginners class!

    1. Everyone starts from somewhere. There is no need to be shy joining a beginners' class! Our instructors will cater to your level. We will make sure you get the best experience and fall in love with Yoga.

  2. Wear your most comfy clothes

    1. In yoga, you will be doing different type of poses! For the best experience, make sure the clothes you wear are comfortable and do not restrict your movement. A good way to check is to be able to sit down and stretch comfortably.

  3. Be gentle with yourself

    1. Yoga takes lots of practice! Take it slow and easy, you will see yourself improving in no time. Remember to relax and enjoy the process.

Save the image below if it helps you! :)

Get your Yoga journey started here in Aure Studios!

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