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Tricia's love for yoga began 10 years ago when she was looking for an avenue to relieve stress from her corporate job. Through yoga, she found balance of mind, inner joy and purpose in life. She believes that yoga is a personal journey of self-realization and she hopes to help others elevate their sense of self-awareness through the practice of mind, body and breathe connection.

Tricia feels that the practice of yoga builds more than just flexibility, strength and confidence. Her teaching focuses on finding your center, building stability as well as finding relaxation and peace. The playful nature of yoga postures brings out the inner child in us yet it also teaches us to be disciplined - Tricia believes that the practice of yoga can teach the practitioner lessons beyond the mat. 

Tricia loves to infuse elements of meditation into her classes, thereby giving a calm and safe space for her students to take a break from everyday life. She believes yoga is for every 'body' and that one can never be too young or too old to start.

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